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Wanjawulo is an experience that people remember for ever; our volunteers and teams believe passionately in what we do and the families we support. Join us and make a real difference to the lives of families with disabilities in Uganda....






The story began in 2015 when a group of SEN educational staff and therapists visited Busu in rural Uganda. Staying for just a few, busy short weeks, by the time this initial group departed they left behind an established parent support group, resources and session plans, individual advice and a promise to return. Since then we have returned every year (apart from 2020-2021 due to the Pandemic) and worked with Busu village to construct a building as the centre base, set up sign language workshops and taken on volunteers to run sessions in the village for families living with disabilities. The COVID Pandemic has been very challenging for many of these families. Uganda is heavily affected by COVID, and these families are increasingly isolated and at risk should they fall ill. Uganda has just a handful of Intensive Care Units and there is no vaccination programme. 


The services Wanjawulo provide where access and funding allows include:

‣Awareness raising and information workshops.

‣ Parenting advice and support. 

‣ Help with parent interactions and community inclusion.

‣ Home visits where necessary offering practical and emotional support to families.

‣ Education in Ugandan sign language.

‣ Developmentally appropriate activities within group sessions tailored to families' needs. This may be therapeutic, educational or involve life skills.

‣ Where possible, appropriate and sustainable equipment and essential resources to support development, inclusion and capacity to thrive.

‣ Provision of food during the Wanajawulo group sessions free of charge to those attending.

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